Hans balle

Mechanism Engineer

Based on a machinist exam and a degree as a smith at the age of 23, I established a business in 1973 in Herning (Denmark.)

After a number of years developing and producing steel constructions, focus was moved to developing and producing assistive devices for the health sector.

As the need for more flexible and efficient solutions to patterns of movement quickly turned out to be big, the company adapted to accommodate that speciality.

For more than 30 years, solutions to lifting/motor systems have been made in-house as well as for customers. The constructions are/have often been assistive devices for the health sector and the industrial sector.

The constructions are characterised through their compact design and high performance with emphasis on power distribution providing optimal use of the source of power.

Over the years, it has turned into more than 35 patents of which several still form part of the companies’ products worldwide.

The role as an entrepreneur has been a general focus, and 6 companies have been established.
Today, all 6 companies still operate with new owners.

I now run a sole proprietorship in my own name and am in close cooperation with a network of external engineers.

A small prototype/testing workshop is associated with the business.